Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hugged By God

Back on April 10th of this year I Wrote a blog called Struggles I just didn't feel like I was getting much out of my bible reading. Today I feel like I've been hugged by God. See shortly after that blog. A friend Sally contacted me about doing "How To Study The Bible" by Kay Arthur of Precepts Ministry. Oh the things I learned in that 6 hours. We looked at 2 Timothy. We looked at verses I thought I knew but now they have a whole new meaning for me.
Someone once gave me Miss Kay's book ( I call her that because my friend Sally, she and her husband call her Miss Kay and they work for her) "How To Study Your Bible". I tried reading it but I just didn't get it. I need to be walked though it. If you ever have the chance to sit an a class on how to study the bible please take the time and do so. It will change the way you read the bible.


SharonB said...

Hey Sandi, so glad you got the opportunity to sit with Sally and learn to study God's Word for yourself. Isn't it amazing and life changing?

Sharon Brumfield said...

That's great girl!
Our church is starting one of Miss Kay's studies this summer. I am thinking about doing it. I think it is on the book of Ruth.
I am so glad you got this chance...I do believe you got a hug by God.