Thursday, June 4, 2009

God's Tools

I am so thankful for my family. I love them all for different reasons. God is using them to teach me. Did you ever notice some of the ugliest things about you your family can bring out of you. I thought I could deal with people no matter how I am treated but then something happens and the "nasties" come out of me.

Lastly I feel like someone doesn't give the respect I feel I should have. Why does it matter so much to me? Isn't what God thinks more important? Am I not to be doing all for God not for personal approval?

God is showing me I need to fall fully into His arms. I thought I was doing good but now He is asking me to go another step.

Lord hold me as I weep. Emerge me in your love. Fill me with the desire to serve only you. Draw me to seek only your pleasure. Jump with me as I shout for joy.


Sharon Brumfield said...

God thank you for working in the life of my sister. Thank you for asking her to go deeper with you. Thank you for the promise that you will complete the good work you began in us! And above all thank you for loving us just the way we are.

I hear you girl. My Mom always told us that we were the person we were at home. And that really made me mad at times. And then God began to deal with my heart. I want to be the same person in my home as out of my home. And I can honestly say that is not always true. But He is faithful and He is changing me.
Love ya girl...keep walking He looks beautiful in you! said...

Hi Sandi, I am out visiting my blogging friends this evening. I sure do thank you for all your visits to say hello while I was so sick! This is an encouragement to me!
I know what you are talking about and I hate this when it happens and of course it shows us where we need to grow more in HIM!! Like Sharon said He is Faithful and He will change us but I wish it didn't hurt so much sometimes!!! Love and a big hug Grams