Monday, December 10, 2007

Snow Baby

Life was fun and busy this week end. Saturday Hubby and I stayed in for a Date night of dinner and 2 movies. It was nice to just enjoy being together. We turned off all lights and just had the tree lite and enjoyed our movies.

Sunday Church was awesome. The story for my preschool class was the Birth of Jesus. We talked about how everyone is first a baby. Then how God has plans for us as we grow bigger just like he did for His son. They shared what gift they would like to give Jesus on his birthday. Some said things like a truck, cars, toys( I have a class of mostly boys (8 when all there) and I girl). We talked about giving Jesus a birthday cake or just being good and doing what He would like us too.

After church it was off to our daughter's baby shower. My daughter made the cutest decorations. I just love this snowbaby. By looking at the snowbaby you can figure out if boy or girl. My daughter also made the really good cookies too. Hubby was at the shower. We played a name game. You needed to list a name for each letter of the alphabet. I think both my girls are amazed they have normal names after listening to the names hubby picks. Who would name their child Drizzle, Oklahoma, or Yak to just list a few.


Denise said...

I love the snow baby, so cute.

Kathy said...

How much longer til time for the baby?

Sandi said...

Baby is due February 8th.

Sharon said...

How funny!
Love the snow baby-what a cute idea.