Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Comfort Zone

What is it with me? God keeps taking me out of my comfort zone. Monday night was a hard night for me. This may be a bit long so I am letting you know ahead of time.

Our church has a “Riverside Ministry”. This is where they feed about 125 homeless people in a town that if filled with violence and crime. They do this every Monday night. They use to do it on grills down by the river, but since it got cold another church allows us to use their fellowship hall, because they are closer to the area.

Someone got it into their head that wouldn’t it be nice if the church choir sang for them before they ate. Now that means going into this area that just two weeks ago 3 people were killed, gang related. There are also drive by shootings from time to time. One of the men, Mark who helps out, and lives in the same town agreed with me it is safer to walk in New York City then the area of downtown.

We told our daughter where we were going and she says, “so when you don’t come home I’ll know you were shot by the guys going around shooting people.” She didn’t help my nerves.

So Monday night we had to be there about 6:00. I made my husband go along as my bodyguard. We got there early and sat in the car till I saw someone I knew arrive. At last our asst. pastor’s wife, Helen arrived so we followed her in. She tells me to hold my breath walking past the people waiting to come in. (Now that tells me a lot.) Once inside my husband see Mark and walks away. I hurried over and said “Don’t leave me standing by myself again.” By now I’m getting so “worked up” I felt like crying. A friend who works in the kitchen called me in there and said stay in here with us till they need you that way you can watch but won’t be seen. Oh the tears where so near. So a few ladies said lets pray for her and Helen prayed for me. I must say the tears where gone instantly.

Time to sing, so I went up to the front of the room with the other choir members. As we were singing instead of looking at the people, I chose to look at Mark who just happened to be stand at the right place so it looked like I was looking at people. We sang for ½ hour and everything went well. When we were done we just sat for a little bit on the stage as the homeless people went to get there food. That is when it happened. A homeless man came up to me, he had a cell phone and showed me a picture he took of us singing. Then he asks me what is wrong with me I look scared. Quick thinking and I said “I had a hard day.” When he walked away I turned to hubby and said “time to go”.

This whole thing got me to thinking. Yes my heart and actions were in the right place because I went and sang. I could have skipped out. It is my thought process that I need to change. My thought process was Satan on Monday night but I took victory over Satan and did not give in this time. So rather than feeling down on why I couldn’t enjoy and service I am rejoicing because Satan didn’t win out and God could use me. I’m sure now that I did this God will take it up a notch in my comfort zone so I learn to completely 100% rely on Him.


Anonymous said...

Sandi, we are so thankful you came with the choir, to sing at Riverside, and glad that The Lord gave you the strength to get thru it. Leaving our comfort zone is never easy, but He is always with us, and we are ever alone. Those we feed have known little comfort and much loneliness.
(A small group of those we feed, are actually homeless, the rest are extremely poor. The elderly and mentally handicapped, make up a large part, too.)
We were blessed to watch you give The Lord all you had, and be faithful to Him. Thank you for singing to them, about Our Lord and Savior, Jesus,....our only Hope.
Love you Sandi, and John too, as he sat near your feet. Bless your hearts.

Talk..to..Grams said...

I think you did real good!! Bless your Heart!! Hugs, Grams

Sharon said...

Some people think that when Peter got out of the boat to walk on water-he just jumped out with out a thought. I think there were probably some major things going through his head.I am sure there was fear in his heart. But the trust became bigger than the fear.
You stepped out of the boat. Next time the test will be if you keep walking with your eyes on Him.
Keep walking. He is able to keep you safely where He takes you.
Thank you for sharing this story.
I think it is great what your church is doing.

Denise said...

God always wants to comfort you sweetie.

Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing this. I know it was hard for you and that God will bless you because of it. I'm sure the people who were there listening received a blessing.