Friday, December 7, 2007

Family Friday

Things have been calm and not over busy around here this past week. I guess that is a good thing because the days will be getting busier next week.

I completed my Christmas letter and just have to mail out the cards. I keep forgetting to go buy stamps. I went shopping for a baby gift, the shower is Sunday. Now wrapping a gift is a challenge in my home with two cats. But I wrapped the shower gift and Christmas presents. I have just a few more Christmas gifts to pick up. I did take time to bake chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies.

My parents are doing well. The kittens don't climb the tree much at all. Thanks for the idea of the bitter apple spray. It does work. We had a good time with Mom and Dad when we went out to dinner last week end. I enjoy being with my parents.

Amanda and Jason are busy studying for finials this coming week. Say a pray for them to retain what they have been studying.

Not much news from Nikki and Steve. They still have off and on heater problems. I just hope it get fixed correctly soon. Winters up North are even colder.


Denise said...

I am glad the spray worked my friend. said...

I just added you to my side bar of the blogs I love! Hope this is ok!

Tell me about the apple spray for the tree and where do you get it and does it cost a lot? Thanks!
We have two cats and they do pretty good most of time..... Hugs, Grams

Sharon said...

I spent the day yesterday finishing up my list. I have only one more thing to get. Then the baking will start. I love to bake--hate that it is in the house because then I want to eat it. :)---> :(
Hope you get all your things finished and you can enjoy the rest of the holiday.