Saturday, December 15, 2007

Family Friday

OK I know it is Saturday so I don't need a comment to learn my days of the week. I know who would leave a comment similar to that. I didn't get to blog yesterday so I'm doing Family today.

Son got home from college safely and brought with him his computer that as he says "it just doesn't work." Try to get him to tell you more what is wrong with it and all you hear is "it just doesn't work." So this morning I thought I'd look at it. It took me 1 1/2 hours to get it to the start page! Then nothing opens. "It just doesn't work." I decided I don't want the headache this close to the holidays so I dropped it off at the repair shop. We have an excellent one near us. Our son also informed us he needs to go to the eye doctor they believe he may need glasses. This visit is getting expensive. But it is worth it, I miss him when he is away at college.

Amanda is finished with finals too and is home more. She makes the house smell so good. She likes to burn sugar cookie scented candles.

Nikki and Steve are being snowed in. Tuesday they got 10 inches of snow and they are calling for at least a foot of snow tomorrow.

Hubby is hard at work each week. We were so glad to see Nikki and Steve last week end, we miss them when we don't visit for awhile. Hubby and I are both spending more time with God looking into his word. We are keeping our focus on Christ this year.

As for my parents, Dad didn't get a good report from his doctor. This is the second Doctor that said, "medically there is no reason you should be alive." Please pray for Dad's salvation. We had a talk this week about when God is ready for him. This was a major step for Dad to let me talk about God to him.

All the cats and kittens are misbehaving and the Queen Kaci our dog is moody. One would think they are little kids.


Denise said...

Lifting your dad up in my prayers sweetie.

Sharon said...

I will pray that the veil is removed from your Dads eyes so that he can see the truth.
He loves your Dad so dearly. I will pray.
Glad you have all your crew home. It is time to enjoy our time with family. I am looking forward to it.
When you first started your comment about your daughter making the house smell good I thought you were going to say she enjoy burning sugar cookies. :)
That reminds me that I need to get some baking done.
No burning though.