Sunday, December 16, 2007

Keep Christ in Christmas

We had another snow and ice storm over night. Church was canceled so the Cantata is now rescheduled for next week.

So I have a day of doing nothing. Well I decided this morning I would meet a challenge. A few years ago we got a new toaster because the one we had you had to use a plastic fork to keep the lever down. Well I finally decided it is time to learn how to use the new toaster. Most people wouldn't find this a challenge. I had a difficult time making toast today. You see I either burned it or it didn't turn brown. It has a cancel button on it. If I put toast in the toaster that means I want toast and not cancel it. Is this for people who can't make up their mind? The paper that came with it doesn't help at all. OK so that was my challenge today.

I then decided to read A Christmas to Remember by Thomas Kinkade and Kahterine Spencer. At one point the characters in the book were attending a Christmas church service. The pastor said we need to prepare our hearts for a new baby Jesus.

Well this got me to thinking. As you must know by now if you are reader of my blog we will have a new baby in the family come February, a grandchild. So I was thinking what is involved in preparing for a new baby. You need to prepare a room or a place in your home for the baby. So for Christmas prepare a place in your heart for Christ. You have a party/ shower to share your joy with friends. For Christmas have a celebration and share Christ with you friends. You clean you home and remove things that can harm the baby. As a baby grows they are tempted toward things that may not be safe for them, so you remove them. For Christmas this year look around you remove temptation that can harm your relationship with Christ.

I'm sure if you are a parent reading this you can think of other things that you do when new baby is coming. Take time this season to reflect how you can prepare for the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Keep Christ in you Christmas.


Denise said...

Bless you sweetie. said...

What a neat post!! I loved it! How true!! Merry Christmas! Love and Hugs, Grams