Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Christmas

As you may have noticed I'm not posting as often right now. Like most of you my life is getting busier. I would like to know what others do to keep Christ in their season. How do you stay focus all month? Please leave comments and let me know.

I start with decorating. Every room in our home has a nativity scene. Yes even the bathroom. Some rooms have more than one. I play mostly true Christmas carols, listen to songs that talk about our Savior. I've been spending time looking into my bible each day on what this time of there year was like. I"m coming to the concussion Jesus was born in the fall. But then that is only my view of the time line.

So how do you reply to those who don't like Christmas because the world is taking Christ out of Christmas? I say don't let the world win. They need to enjoy Christmas for the right reason and let the world know they won't effect what God is doing this time of year or any other time.
I'd like to ask each of you to start greeting everyone you see by saying Merry Christmas instead of saying Hello. Don't slip into the Happy Holiday saying. I heard recently someone say when they were shopping a store employee said Happy Holiday their reply was "I'll take that as you are saying Merry Christmas." You see in this store they are forbidden to say Merry Christmas. So we need to be out in the world say it for them or ourselves and mostly for our Lord.



Denise said...

Merry Christmas dear.

Toni said...

So True.......Merry Christmas Sandi :)

Momma Roar said...

Stopping over from Susan's blog to say Merry Christmas!!

I was just out doing some last minute shopping last night when the clerk wished me "Happy Holidays" to which I always respond "Merry Christmas!"

I'm from PA too!! Lanc. county!

Nice to meet you!

Leigh Ann

inspired said...

Merry Christmas \o/\O/\o/