Friday, August 31, 2007

Family Friday

Another week has gone by. It has been a busy week and a stress filled week.

Our Son sent an S.O.S. out to dad his car broke down. Dad who got up at 2:30 AM for work on Tuesday came home around 1:00 then headed down to college, another 6 hour drive. Wednesday morning he got up fixed the car and drove the 6 hours back home. I learned a few interesting things. After 3 weeks in his apt. our son and his roommate still have a spot place. They keep it clean. I also learned our son is generous. He gave dad his bed and he slept on the couch. The only cost to the trip was gas. Dad fixed the car and didn't have to buy anything.

Amanda who started classes at college this week sounds stressed. She did homework for 7 hours one day/night. She never did like to read and she has lot of reading this year. Maybe she will become a reader.

I had and up and down week. Starting work had it challenges. Things kept changing. I am hoping things are set now. Hubby says if things are not I should consider giving my 2 week notice. We will wait and see. It may be God wanting to see how serious I am about children ministry. I also got the material for Sunday School. I am teaching the Pre-K class. I looked it over and just didn't feel this is what God wants me to teach. I was hoping for more bible involved. So I am trying something I had here at the house by David C Cook. Lastly I am getting very moody. I seem to cry so easily and a lot. I spoke with someone who say this will go away after surgery. I wish surgery would get here soon!

Nikki and Steve are doing good. Oh will Steve spoil that baby when it arrives. I learned if Amanda bugs, and bugs her brother in law he gives in. What will he be like as a father. Daddy Please, Daddy Please and Daddy will. I guess I shouldn't say just Steve I can see Grandpa giving in easier. Grandpa will melt if he is asked something. I may not give in but Grandma will buy baby anything baby will need. Just another reason for grandma to go shopping.

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