Friday, August 24, 2007

Family Friday

It has been an interesting week. I first have a question to ask. Why do Cats need a clock on their litter box? If anyone can answer this please let me know. I was at a friends house for LBS last night. I had to walk into the "cat's room" and I saw the litter box has a digital clock on it! OK so it was blinking 12:00 someone needs to read the manual.

As for family, hubby was very busy this rainy week. He decided to clean out the basement. We trashed so much and boxed the rest. Then he hung a cloth ceiling. Put a staple through the phone line so had to repair that but it is looking real nice. Then we bought shelving for the closet room. He is going to fill the walls with shelves and get the boxes off the floor, in case we get water again. Next week the exercise room will be set up in the open wide cellar area along with a sitting area with a TV. So yes he has been quite busy.

Haven't heard much from our son but classes started this week at college. I'm sure he is busy studying.

Amanda starts back at college Monday. She has been hanging out with her friends for one last summer blast.

As for me I did some cleaning around the house but with all the rain it was hard to get the wash done. I also spent 5 1/2 hours in the emergency room with my aunt and uncle. My uncle was take to the hospital from work they thought maybe it was his heart. So I took my aunt who doesn't drive. I became very educated on things that go on in an emergency room. Like there is no such thing as privacy. Drs. talk very loud. My summer vacation comes to an end and back to work next week.

Nikki and Steve had a baby check up. Everything is good. 5 1/2 months to go till I get to met my grand baby.

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