Sunday, August 26, 2007

God's Surprise For Me

Well I'm been feeling a little down lately I know why too. You See Monday is the start of the new school year and I b-sit for school teachers. No I wasn't feel down about going back to work it was my favorite family moved to Boston. The Heater Family became very close to our family.

I've been missing my girls McKenna 4 and Ivy 19 months. I always loved McKenna funnies. She could say the funniest things. You never know what would come out of her thoughts. She loved to think and talk. Ivy is a lover but she is opinionated too.

Well today I was standing in the drive way saying good bye to a friend that stopped over when she said "it looks like you got company." Up the driveway comes McKenna and Mama Heather. The tears started and I yelled for Amanda. You see Mama Heather got Amanda though a lot in life as a teenagers. When mom and dad were being dumb Mama Heater made sense. Same words different voice. Amanda too came running and crying. God sure knew we need this surprise.

The are in PA/NJ for just a few days. They head back to Boston Wednesday but we are going out to Dinner Tuesday. Oh the fun we will have.

Thanks God for giving me my surprise. I Love you more and more every day, Lord

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