Friday, August 17, 2007

Family Friday

This week was an eventful one for me.
1. I learned my surgery will be Oct. 12th.
2.I was offered 3 jobs. I decided to go with the job that will pay the most and give me the most free time and do what I love. I'll be caring for two boys. The oldest is in school and he will be here from 2-3:30. The youngest is 4 and goes to afternoon preschool 3 days a week. They family has a back up sitter (an elderly neighbor) who will take the boys when ever I feel I would like time off.
3.I was hired as the Pre-K Sunday School teacher at my church. The curriculum is Veggie Tales. I get two helpers Bob the tomato and Larry the cumumber the puppets. 4 I spent a day with my parents, a day painting, a day with my aunt and a day with my closest friend, Deb.

John was asked to join a bowling league but haven't said yes or no yet. He fixed our deck to replace some broken boards.

Jason went back to college. Yes I cried. I don't understand why, but then I'm the mom I'm allowed to get emotional.

Amanda had the week off of work and spent is with her friends before college starts again.

Didn't hear much from Nikki and Steve. Nikki is making plans to come help a few days after my surgery. Steve agreed to make me the best veggie soup I've every had.

Parents are well and planning a vacation to Canada.

That is all for this week.

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