Monday, August 20, 2007

I Want To Hold Your Hand

Remember the song by the Beatles I Want To Hold Your Hand? That song popped into my mind reading a blog this week end and got me to thinking about God holding my hand.

I was reading a blog on from 8/17 she had this statement: The creator who holds tomorrow also holds my hand.

Then I thought how true and each morning for year now I start my devotions saying the following: I'm at the start of a new day Lord, make it fresh in every way. So I come, God To ask of you for your blessing and renew me too. I know each day I'm not on my own You take my hand, hold it tight, I never walk alone.

We are so fortunate to have God holding our hand. I think of a small child who when they are scared they will slip their hand into their parents hand for comfort. A shy child will be braver with their father's hand to hold.

This time of year you see parents taking their children to school for the first time. They walk up to the door hand in hand and then comes the time when they have to let go of the hand and walk into the building of unknown. The fear can be over whelming and the tears will come. I'm glad when I have to walk into the unknown God doesn't let go of my hand.

I Want To Hold HIS Hand

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