Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for the church I am attending. I can't say I am a member as we are in the process of becoming member.

The church is my family. They were there for us during our "break up" with our previous church. They supported us when we needed to heal and gave us time to feel we want to get involved. They didn't come right after us to get involved. They will wait on the Lord's timing.

The pastor preaches from the Bible. You will learn your bible by attending church each Sunday. You need to bring your bible each Sunday and if you don't have one they will provide one. You know what you hear is from God because it is His Words. God has blessed the pastor with the gift of "teacher."

The church has an elder and deacon board that follows the word and when something is suggested the question is asked "Can you find scripture to back that up?" They are men who want to serve the Lord.

The church is a serving church. They have groups for all ages to get involved in serving. They reach out to the committee. They want be bring God to the surround area as well as far away places.

The church is caring and supportive. If you have a need they will pray and help you out in many ways.

The church is God's work. The Holy Spirit is present in this church. God is Glorified and given the honor in all things.

I have made new friends who really do care. I am thankful for The Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church.

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SharonB said...

I am so very thankful too!! :-) Great post Sandi!!