Friday, February 19, 2010


Here is our new little guy. This is Carter James. Don't you love that name. Carter was born on Feb. 1st.
Since then we had a major snow storm here. I know some areas got a lot more but we got 20 inches. I loved it. I enjoy snow so much. I love the cold weather too. I love when the snow first falls and there is a blanket of white outside. Life just seems to sparkle.
On another note God has been really nudging me lately. He seems to want me to be an encourager to people I don't know. I'm struggling with this. I put that wall up around me if I don't know people. But God is reminding me to keep letting the wall crumble. See I was starting to finally feel comfortable at our church. I know what happen last time I got in this comfy state. That is when going church became more of a social club. So I'm starting to walk the path God is leading me again. It amazes me the people He puts in my life and the changes He makes to what I got comfy with. I love how God works.


Sharon Brumfield said...

Now that picture is just too precious! I know that did your heart and arms some good. :)
I am with you on the snow!!!! I love the quiet that comes with the cold white stuff....I do enjoy the cold too. We don't have a lot still on the ground but I loved the glitter that followed us up the mountain as Keith went to get his tractor.
I think those that you do not know will be blessed by this new journey God has you on. I am in the boat with you....I have to make a concentrated effort to speak to those I do not know. But I have been amazed by their responses when I choose to notice them. You keep saying Hi and smiling...they are going to love having met you! said...

Hi Sandi! I have a lovely award for you over at my blog! That is a great picture! Love and hugs Grams