Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So much has changed around here since my last post.

As you know in December our beloved dog Kaci had passed away. Well just after the new year we welcomed an adorable puppy named Molly into our home. Molly is a cockapoo or as Hubby says Cockadoodle. She is cream with tan ears. So it is every 1/2 to 1 hour we are going outside in the cold and snow. She is doing very well though. Sometime in the near future I'll post a picture but for now there is another picture I must post first.

Ok I can't post that picture yet either as I don't have one. You see on Monday we welcomed our second grandson into our lives. Carter James was born Monday and Mommy, Daddy and big brother Ryan are so happy. I'm hoping to be able to go visit him this week end but that depends on a few things. As soon as I do I'll post pictures.

Another change the New Year brought to our home is Hubby has a new route and this one brings him more peace and a small raise. Hubby is so much happier on this route. On the old one he seemed depressed daily, but more so Mondays.

On top of all this I had pneumonia. This winter has not been a good one for me. Every since I had the Swine Flu (early Nov.) it seems everything goes right to my lungs. I sure spent lots of time at Dr. offices.

So now you see why I haven't had time to post. Because of Changes.


Sharon Brumfield said... is so good to hear from you! Sorry to hear about the continued health problems...I pray that will all clear up soon.
How sweet about the two new additions. Can't wait to see the picture of the two sweet blessings.
And how neat about your husbands new route! I know that it makes our hearts so much lighter when our husbands are able to do their jobs with a little joy. I am so glad that God provided for the change and the added income. :)
Now...not so long between post! Because I do wonder what is going on in your neck of the woods.
Love ya girl

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