Tuesday, December 8, 2009

False Alarm

Today started out interesting. I was talking with my Aunt around 7:15 when I hear this noise in the back round and ask her what is that noise. She thought maybe one of the alarm clocks in her house were going off and said she would call me right back. Next thing I hear is our local fire whistle going off. Then it hit me that was the noise I heard a smoke alarm. I tried calling her back but no answer. She only lives 2 1/2 blocks away so I grab my coat and as I did my phone rang, it was her cell phone. Yes it was her house. Her carbon Oxide alarm was going off. She was outside without a coat so I grabbed an extra coat and arrived the same time as the policeman. A few seconds later the first fireman arrives. All was well in her house but what we learned today is C.O. alarms are meant to only last 5 years. It even says so right on the package. You need to replace them. Yes it was the alarm going off and not the replace battery. The alarm broke and wouldn't shut off.

I assured the fireman I would take my aunt right away to buy a new one as she doesn't drive. So off we went to Walmarts and then a nice breakfast.

My Aunt just loves creating fun and excitement.

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Sharon Brumfield said...

Yes, we have had similar things happen in our camper. I didn't know that they only last 5 years...I will have to check that out.
So glad you got to spend some fun time shopping and going to breakfast....so glad it was not serious. :)