Saturday, December 19, 2009

Last night our son started home from college over 6 hours away and was stranded in the snow with very slow going till a snow plow came along. He was very wise and followed the plow back to college since he wasn't to far away. Today we are having the snow storm. Hoping he can come home by Monday night. (we are having hubby's 50th birthday party). Neither of our daughters can make it so I really hope our son can.

Our beloved dog Queen Kaci is now in heaven. I miss her greatly. I still have a hard time in the morning remembering she is gone. I will stand in the kitchen waiting for her to come. Our routine would be we would walk out to the mail box every morning and bring in the newspaper. If she was a good girl and stayed with me she would get a treat when we got into the house. I think there was only one day she didn't get a treat and that was early on. I miss her at night when everyone is in bed. I have no one to sit with and watch TV. (the cats go to bed with my daughter or hubby). Hubby goes to work during the night and I miss Kaci in bed. I never realized how many sounds there are in the night. I keep thinking what was that. Would Kaci being barking or know it was nothing.

She developed "Springer Rage Syndrome". She became very aggressive toward hubby and our daughter. She would just attack them and then be as happy as normal. Yes she did bit. So I took her to the vet and they said the best thing is to put her to sleep. Taking her and driving home in tears I just claimed over and over "I can do all things in Christ who give me strength."

At first I said no more dogs because it was a painful day. But I'm thinking more and more I might want another dog. It won't be my decision alone so I just can't say what we will do.


Sharon Brumfield said...

I am so sorry to hear about your dog. I remember the day we had to take Rusty to the vet and they told us the same thing. We all cried and cried....and then we took him out to the farm to bury him where he love to run and play while Keith was on the tractor.
We still feel his loss and it has been almost three years....he was with us for 15 years.They do become part of the family.
I hope you will find another that will fill that void in your heart.
And I so hope that your son makes it home. My brother lives only lives about 20 minutes from us and we have not been able to get to him. They have been without electricity for over 24 hours...and don't think they will get it soon.
We will make the trip tomorrow..unless we get more snow and bring a pot of soup and help cut some trees.
I do hope you have a fantastic Christmas. Merry Christmas and may this new year be peaceful and and full of His joy.
Love ya girl! said...

Hi Sandi. So sorry about your dog. I hope you have a nice Christmas! Love and hugs Grams