Friday, October 2, 2009

I know, I know it has been awhile. I am back baby sitting for teachers and my day is usually very busy with 3 babies.

Anyway to update on Women of Faith. I learned I'm more then directionally challenged (I get lost easy, even when I've been somewhere several times), I'm also directionally gifted. Usually when someone is gifted it is a good thing. I guess in certain circumstances one might this is a good thing. Directionally gifted means you are bossy and controlling. I don't think I'm that bossy but my family confirms I an in our home. That is why they don't do house work. I never thought they did it right. So God opened a door for me to start working on. It's not that easy either.

Hubby really benefited from me going. Friday night he got to spend time with our daughter at a high school football game. She went back to her high school to see the band/guard. Then Saturday he got to go to a college football game with our son. I do think this is only the 2nd time father and son did something together. I was so excited for them. And yes Liberty (our son's college) beat the local team.

Now this week end I am going away again. This time I am drive 2 hours to Hershey to a Children Ministry Conference. I'm sure once again God will have great things planned for me and my church when I take what I will learn and apply it.

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