Sunday, October 11, 2009


Life is getting so busy here. One would think with the kids grown life slows down, so not true. I last blogged about Women of Faith week end. I've been enjoying my life and maturing. I am loving our churches Sunday message series on marriage. We are gifted with great pastor. I missed church today as I was up sick ALL evening. But I can view the message the web site later this week.

Last week end I went to the Children Ministry Conference. I learned so much. I would love to be able to do some events with the kids but I just need to remember what I was asked to do. That is to over see Sunday School. I know I'd have the support from the church to do some of these things but then would they expect more and more from me?

I am baby sitting full time 3 days a week right now. I enjoy it. The boys are great kids. They are bothers and both under two. I think that is how I got this virus they seemed to have had it. But that goes with the job.

This Friday I go to my eye specialist. It has been a year already. I look forward to the report but also pray my condition hasn't gotten worse. I don't want to go blind anytime soon. I want to remember to ask if it will effect both eyes or just the one. I know my vision changed but it is my reading vision so I am glad to be able to get new glasses.

Hubby has been working hard lately and the environment is not a happy one. He can't wait to get home every day. He is also helping several people out at church with their car repairs.

Well that is about all I just wanted to update and say Hi to all of you.


Sharon Brumfield said...

I pray things at church go smoothly. I know sometimes it is difficult for some people to get used to things being done differently.
Just recently there was a huge rift at our church when they decided they could not have dinner on the grounds on homecoming Sunday. You would have thought someone decided we were no longer going to believe in God. :)
And I am glad you are enjoying watching the boys....and yes, I remember catching things I didn't want when I worked in the preschool. I pray you enjoy great health the rest of the year and that you get a great report from your eye doctor.
Have a great rest of the week. said...

Hope you everything works out for you! Hugs Grams