Thursday, September 17, 2009

God's Working

I love how God works in our lives. For several months now I've been thinking and hoping to attend the Women Of Faith conference in Philadelphia. Several months ago I asked a friend if she was going this year. She said she didn't think so. Later another friend whose husband works for World Vision said that the president of World Vision will be there. We wondered if we could get free tickets then we would just have to pay for lodging. Well that didn't work out either. I had this deep feeling I need to be there. I don't understand why. But day after day something would come up to remind me about the upcoming Women of Faith. It has been about 7 years now since I've been to one. Finally about 3 weeks ago. I said "God if you want me to go you have to make this happen or stop this feeling that I should be there." Two weeks had passed and the topic came up about driving down just for Saturday. I sat back listening and didn't seem to have that desire to say "yeah lets do it." The ladies decided not to do it anyway. So my thought process was I guess God doesn't want me to go and I'm OK with that. A few days later on last Thursday I get a call from the friend I asked early on if she was going. She said her and another friend of ours from church were going and they were staying at a relatives. They wanted to know if I wanted to go with them. They didn't know if I could get a seat with them because she thought the section was full, but we could play musical seats and take turns one person sitting by themselves. I told her I would love to but first I had to check with the parent I b-sit for to see if grandma will switch days with me. I got Friday off so I called back and said "YES I'll go" I asked where they were sitting I'd try to get something close by. So off to the Women of Faith website I went. I was shock to see the seat next to my two friends is now empty and I could sit with them. Praise God He has great plans for me. I can't wait to see what happens this week end. I know I am to be there and I waited for His timing to make it all happen.
So tomorrow morning bright and early I leave for Philadelphia. I am so looking forward to it and will blog about it when I get back next week.


Sharon Brumfield said...

Isn't it amazing how our God works?!
In His timing He makes all things work together for our good. I hope you have a fantastic time and I look forward to seeing how God works.
I didn't share this on my site....but money has been really tight...and I was not sure I should make the trip that I made with my brother. But I felt God give the go ahead....the night before we left a man gave my brother 700 dollars to help our with our expenses. This allowed us to do so much more than we would have been able to. He is our provider....sometimes it just takes us putting things into His hands.
Have fun girl! said...

Praise God! Be sure and post about this! Have a wonderful time! God is Good! Hugs Grams