Monday, August 3, 2009

Peace Like A River

"If only you had paid attention to my commands,
your peace would have been like a river,
your righteousness like the waves of the sea"
Isaiah 48:18
I absolutely love being in a boat out on a lake. It is one of the most peaceful experiences I ever had. Even as the water got choppyI felt at peace. Then one year I went in a canoe down a river. That was so fearful. The water moved faster there were rocks sticking up out of the water. We tried to paddle our way around the rocks but the current was rough that day. We lost all control and flipped being pulled down under water several times by the power of the water. Put one gal just went with flow of current and drifted calmly to an area to wait for the two of us who tried again to fight the power and stand up and walk away on our own. The result was the power of the water pulled us under again.
Our peace if we chose to claim it is above the rocks and rough water. It is calmer than the most difficult situations. But we try to control it. We need to calmly let God move us through the current and stop trying to stand on our own and we will feel an over whelming peace.
"If you've ever done any boating or rafting in a river you know what incredible power those waters contain. Many times we face situations that seem to roll over us, but we have the image reversed. God's peace is the river. The obstacles of life cannot stand against the power of God's river of peace. "
Beth Moore

2 comments: said...

This is so true! Thanks for reminding us.... Your blog looks peaceful and pretty! Hugs Grams

Sharon Brumfield said...

Great reminder!
I have been in this situation a few times...both on the river and in life.
Right now not sure where He has this river carrying us...but my feet are up and pointed down river. Might get a few bruises on my patoot...but not going to fight the force of the river. :)