Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I've been so appreciative of my church lately. When we joined about 3 years ago I can say I didn't feel as if I fit in or was completely accepted. Don't start panicking (those who attend Cornerstone) it wasn't you, I know it was me. I was hurt a lot in the past and I needed to heal so I held myself back. I didn't want to make the bond with people. I put up a wall.

Why did hubby and I chose this church. We chose it because of the solid bible preaching. Our former church was not preaching the bible at the time so there was a very large number of people who left the church and yes many settled at Cornerstone. I fell very strongly we would have settled at Cornerstone even if others did not.

It is hard to see things and growth in oneself. So something I noticed early on was the rapid growth in my hubby. Things like taking notes during messages, attending Sunday School and talking about it, reading his bible daily and bond with other men in the church.

Last night we had our last softball game and as I looked at how packed the stands were and how many friends I made, it hit me like a brick or should I say bricks. My wall had crumbled and I didn't realise it. I have made so many friends. People I can trust to be honest with me in a loving way. People who will lift me up in prayer. People who don't care about the odd things I sometimes say. People who give hugs even when I don't realize I need one. ( I must say Cornerstone is a very huggy church. Our last church only had one lady who was a hugger.)
I've also grown spiritually and in knowledge of the bible. It is amazing how much one can learn from just one word like "Our".

I would like to post a you tube link to a baptism service that we had recently.

So my question to you would be Why did you chose the church you attend?


Sharon Brumfield said...

It was great to see so many being baptized into the family!

I am glad that you have really become a part of the body. Sometimes it is hard to feel like you belong. I felt the same way when I came to ours. But like you....I had a lot of healing to do. I still think they look at me kind of odd....maybe because I came in with a voice and did not sit in silence for a season.
But I do love our church..love the word spoken from the pulpit and the heart for worship. It is a great place to be....and one day it will be a great place to serve. I think that the people in this mountain region seem to take it a bit slower when it comes to letting people in. That's o.k though...I'm patient and persistent. ;)

Talk..to..Grams said...

This is wonderful you have found a church you are so welcomed in and loved!! It can make all the difference in the world. and good preaching too!! That is great! Hugs Grams