Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good Books

Looking for a good book to read. I found a great series. I love learning about history but don't like reading history books. Well there is a series out of about 40 books. The series is called "The House Of Winslow" by Gilbert Morris.

I am almost finished with book one "The Honorable Impostor" . This book is a novel about why people England to come to the "New World" then continues on to the trip over on the Mayflower. This take place in 1620.

Book 2 is 1659 Life in the New World

Book 3 is 1740 Pre-Revolutionary America with Jonathan Edward

Book 4 The American Revolution.

What a great way to learn or recall what you learned about history.

I would love to hear from anyone who read these books on what you thought about them. Please feel free to leave me a post.

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Sharon Brumfield said...

I will keep this in mind when I go back to the library to return some yucky books I got. I haven't read non Christian fiction for a long time because you never know what you are exposing yourself to till it is too late.
So I was looking for something good to read...I will check these out.