Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mission Trip Arrival

9:45 AM 53 + people gathered to pray in sending us off. I say 53+ because 53 people for 3 different churches were going but then you had family and pastors there to pray too. It started to rain but my calls to my friend in WV assured we were coming to nice weather. About 1 hour into our drive my feet started getting wet. OH NO there is a leak and I had a puddle on the floor of my side of the car. After our 2nd our we stop at KFC for lunch. Hubby had a good idea he got an empty KFC bucket to catch the water. The next for 4 hours I caught 6 buckets of water and toss them out the window while we were driving 65 mph.

We arrived and the young guys had the luggage trailer unloaded. Thank you guys this meant so much to me. Our son was one of those wonderful guys. It is my understand he is the one who suggested it.

We then packed a restaurant for a nice dinner then back to the dorms for the night.

Here is my prayer request for today. I had to load the worship songs into the program on my computer and I'm running into problems. I have VBS set tomorrow after church so please pray I have patience and time and it will come together without me stressing.


SharonB said...

I'll be praying! So glad you all made it safely!

Phendrie said...

Good morning Sandi!
I'm praying for all of you this morning!!
I just KNOW the children will LOVE VBS!!