Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day In Philippi

I started my day at 5:00 AM. Like most of our group I don't sleep well the first night. But this worked to my advantage. I woke and went back to Easyworship and it just all came together. Thank you for your prayers.

We head off to breakfast. We are staying on a college campus so we have college food for lunch and dinner. I will so far the food is good. We then had a brief meeting and then headed to People's Chapel for church. They were celebrating Father's Day. Happy Father's day to all you fathers. They
bought king size candy bars for the kids to give their fathers. The kids had to get up and say who your father was. I made my husband so happy to see our son up their saying who his dad is.

The church provided lunch for us. We then had a VBS meeting and the construction guys went to see their sites. What a super group of people we have here.

Tonight we had dinner and then I met the man of my dream (after my hubby) for this trip. His name is Nathan and he runs the power point and Easyworship at his church in NC. He stepped in my night became so enjoyable.

Dean Wildasin spoke at our evening meeting. I think it was the best message I ever heard Dean speak. Even someone from World Vision Commented to Dean that was the best message he ever heard. Dean is an awesome man of God who I feel anyone would be blessed if they have a chance to sit and listen to him speak.

Tonight's prayer request is for clarity for those going on work sites. For understanding what they need to do. For VBS and the staff and we share Jesus with the kids. For the adults literacy group getting to know the people.

I'm hoping tomorrow to have time to post some pictures.

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Sounds like you are being a Blessing and being Blessed! hugs Grams