Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Little Of This And A Little Of That

Hubby and I were both off this past week and had a "stay home" vacation.

Monday- a nice day and Hubby did a lot of out door work from my mom. It is time to start mowing grass around here again. Yes that means nice weather and we can be out more but it also means my allergies will kick up a notch. I'm allergic to fresh cut grass.

Tuesday- I had an interview with a new mom about baby sitting. I will start watching her little girl in May she will only be 6 weeks old. I also learned our son won't be coming home from college this summer. I was very sad to hear this.

Wednesday- a relaxing day. Hubby and I went to breakfast and I spent most of the day reading a book.

Thursday - I bought a new camera (mine broke on Easter) and we bought top soil. Hubby spent the afternoon filling in small holes in our yard.

Friday- Tyler Adam was born. Very close friends ours, their daughter who we are also close with had her second child. Our friends are in WV right now so we also took a ride to make sure every thing is fine in their home. They live about 45 minutes away. Their daughter only lives 2 minutes from us. I hope to go see the new baby Monday or Tuesday. We also went to see the High School Play "The Pirates of Penance" The kids did an excellent job.

Saturday- Hubby and I went to breakfast and met up with my mother and aunt. Then we had softball practice. In the evening we went with our bible study group out to dinner. We had a great time.

Tomorrow will mark one year with out my father. It has been a hard year. I can now talk about him with out crying the whole time. I am remembering the good times. Yes each holiday or special event did bring tears. I do still get teary eye when I start missing him deep down. But he is with the Lord! It gives me great joy.

This week I would to ask all my friends to be praying for a miracle in Craig's situation. I can't give out details but God knows. Lives will be changed Thursday so please be praying. Pray God is seen more than anything else.

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Sharon Brumfield said...

I am here....and I am lifting you up to our Father. I remember praying for the salvation of your Dad...and praise God our faith was made sight.
It will be nice one day to meet the both of you and introduce myself. :)
And I ask our Father that His will will be done here on earth in the case of Craig. I thank you God that you have a plan and I stand together with this family against the schemes of our enemy. I thank you that you are able to turn events around where we see no possible way...because you are the way maker! We love you...may your name be glorified above all others.

I am glad you had a good weekend with your man....and it is good to see God providing for your finances with a little one.
Love ya girl