Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spending Time With God

I've been in prayer an extra amount of time lately. I've been praying for my friend Craig and his family. Today I saw God's hand in so many ways. Did things turn out like we wanted. No but it wasn't that far off. Craig is submitting and accepts the direction God is leading him with dignity.

So I was thinking about Jesus' prayer life. He prayed a lot. The bible tells us of some of the times Jesus went off to pray. Sometimes we know what he prayed about and others we don't. From what I've read I'm sure he prayed daily and often. He was a man without sin and yet He was drawn to pray.

Now we are people who sin. How often do we turn to God? Do you turn to Him just to draw close and spend time with Him daily or are you turning to God in prayer to present your request. Yes there is a time for request but I am in awe of the fact praying just to spend time with the Father. Why didn't I think of it that way before. Yes I will keep praying as Jesus taught us to pray but I think I'm going to take a look at praying just to spend time with my Lord.

Hope this makes sense to you those reading this. It is hard today for me to put down what I feeling and meaning.

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Sharon Brumfield said...

You had better believe it makes sense!
I was having the same type of thoughts the other day when I was sitting in carpool.
I am sure it was the Holy Spirit...but I thought....Have I really prayed today? And for some reason that just hit me as too formal. And then I thought...I want to spend some time just talking to Him. Just talking...just spending time with Him.
Sounds about like what you were talking about. Sounds like God is sending a message to His people. How cool that we were both tuned in and heard what He said. :)
I am glad that things are turning in the situation with the friend.