Monday, April 13, 2009

God's Answer And Easter

I feel as if the hand of God has touched me this week. After my last blog and reading a friends blog that I left a comment to, God reached out to me. My friend who is a wonderful ladies bible teacher offered to teach me how to study the Bible inductively. She even thought there may be a few other gals who might be interested. I had tears when I read her offer. I feel this gal knows how to gleam the bible. I sat under her teach in the past. She knows a lot of the bible but I can also say she is learning a lot. I plan on taking her up on this offer and doing what I need to so this does happen. Who knows maybe sometime in the future I can offer this to another lady who is struggling.

Easter was yesterday. It was the first Easter without my Dad. I thought of him often. He couldn't have candy but that didn't stop him from sneaking candy when Mom wasn't looking. Another great memory of Dad.

My day started off bad. I was almost ready to leave for church when I dropped my make up on my Easter outfit. I had to do a quick change. Then I dropped a serving spoon on the floor and it broke. Oh my camera broke too. The day did get better.

My sister sent me the picture below. It is of my grandson who is now 14 months and her granddaughter who is 3 months. It was taken at our mothers place.

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Sharon Brumfield said...

This did my heart good....I have been very concerned about you. When one hurts....
I hope you enjoy the inductive bible study method. I learned it in college and wish I had stuck with it. I do believe that this is what Kay Authur teaches.
I am glad you are doing better...our Father's heart is very tender toward you girl...He sees...He knows. :)
And I couldn't help but think how PawPaw used to try and sneak what he was not supposed to have when I was not looking. Just they are having things that would knock our socks day!
Love ya girl