Thursday, January 15, 2009

Victory, NOT

Hubby is reading the book The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Briggs for Sunday School. Since I am teaching the kids I don't get to attend the class but I just had to peek at his book. I was skimming the first chapter when I came across this:

"Our first problem is that our attitude toward sin is more self-centered than God-centered. We are more concerned about our "victory" over sin than we are about the fact that our sins grieve the heart of God."
I was so struck by this I put the book down and hope to read it in full one day soon. This has really got me to thinking. He is talking about me I'm embarrassed to say. I am a person who when confesses a sin, hopes it doesn't come back. Then when I find myself, lets say, saying to much when the phone rings. My thought is why did I do that. I guess I have to confess that again and try harder next time. I don't think about how that sin grieved God. I think I failed.
There is also the time I realize I have overcome something. I do have a sense of victory.
I'm sorry for the grief I cause you. I know you love me deeper than I can fathom so when I mess up you grieve the fact I didn't get it yet. I look forward with my walk with you to learn the process of pleasing you more.


Sharon Brumfield said...

There are some great thoughts here. And you are often when I sin I think I'm sorry God I'll just have to try harder next time.
I know it grieves Him....I wonder if our sin reminds Him of the price His son paid.
And I wonder if my sin brings back the memory of the cross? Goodness never thought about it that way.
Sounds like a good book.
Very thought provoking.

Denise said...

Such wonderful thoughts sweetie. said...

Hi Sandi, I am out and about in blogging land today!! Thank you so much for your many prayers for me while I was sick! Thanks also for your kind comments on my blog!! Love and Hugs Grams