Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

I've had a few busy days. They were fun and emotional. Lets see I'll start with Wednesday. I went to the dentist and found out I need my wisdom tooth out. I'll take care of that after the holidays.

Thursday Thanksgiving. Hubby and I went over to mom's house at 8:00 AM to help her set up. There were 21 people coming. We made quick work of setting things up. The night before Amanda asked who would be sitting where Pappy always sat or will be leave it empty. I said I would guess Uncle Rick. I could handle the empty chair that would have been way to emotional for me. People started coming and kept coming.

Hubby and I with our grandson.

Ryan is the 3rd generation to play with this farm at my mom's house

There was lots of food and desserts were plentiful. Later we came home and my daughter and I took this time to go to KMarts to do some shopping while the men stays home and Ryan napped.

Ryan and Pappy playing on the floor. Ryan still is showing off his smile.

Mommy and Ryan


Denise said...

Great pictures, glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

Sharon Brumfield said...

ALways nice to see a picture of you!
Glad ya'll had a great day with so much family.
I know it must have been a hard holiday...but I am sure your Mom was glad to have a full house.
I had my wisdom teeth out in 7th grade...I thought I looked like LuLu from the old comics.:)
Of course mine were still impacted and I had all 4 removed at the same time.....hmmm, wonder if that was why I got TMJ after wards? :)
Thanks heavens God took care of that.
Let us know when you are going to have it done.