Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Season

I am taking time to enjoy this Christmas season. Friday we decorated the inside of our house. We have the outside to go. I'll post pictures at some point. I need to get batteries for my camera. I've been spending my morning devotion time reflecting on what is Christmas. It is more than a baby in a manger. It is more than gifts. It is more than decorations and family. It is all this and more. God wanted a better way to relate to us so he became human in Jesus Christ. Then gave up his life for us. He is the ultimate gift. He is the ultimate family.

Today I was thinking about family. I got a email from someone whose brother just became a high power official. They were bragging but that is OK. You see my brother is a King. He is the King of Kings. My brother's name is Jesus. We have the same father. Now that is someone to brag about.

I've been baking cookies. Lots of cookies. Today I gave my first Christmas cookies away. It was time to upgrade my cell phone for a free phone. So the Fed Ex man came with my free blackberry today. When he came to the door he said something smells good are you baking a cake. I said no cookies. Would you like some warm cookies? I went inside and got him some fresh out of the oven cookies. He was very pleased and wished me a Merry Christmas and my reply was "God Bless" (for those of you who read my blog a long time remember the day I opened the door to a delivery man and it didn't go well and he said I hope your day gets better. I came a long way didn't I)

My afternoons I've been reading novels with a Christmas theme and my evenings I watch Christmas shows.


Denise said...

Love and blessings to you dear.

Sharon Brumfield said...

I just LOVE you!
I love your heart and the way your mind works.
You stay on the path you are is good and it looks good on you.
And yes, I remember the story of the past delivery man.....good for you this time. I know he enjoyed his cookies.
Do me a favor and send me your snail mail....I am getting ready to send out my Christmas cards.
Love ya girl....and He loves you too!