Saturday, September 6, 2008


I was so excited last night. We were going to go to a football game. A high school football game. I just love autumn. Sitting with friends on a Friday night. I didn't get to many games last year because of my surgery but this year I will be able to go more.

As we walked into the stadium, as we neared the stands my eyes teared up as I could almost see my Dad. You see Dan played for Nazareth when he was in school. He loved to go to the home games and cheer his team on even into his 70's. When our son played for Nazareth even though dad was 70 he went to all games, away games too. He was so proud to tell his friends his grandson was playing. Dad even went to Pocono Mt. Now for those of you who don't live around here I'll fill you in on why it is surprising he would go there at his age. It was over an hour away and that night it was so cold. The temp. must of been in the 40's. Dad would always go with his buddies but we would look for him. That night hubby was so sweet he went back out to our car and got Dad a heavier blanket to wrap in. Dad also enjoyed watching our girls in the band. He would always point them out to his friends.

I guess what they say about the "first time" is right. The first time you do something or first holiday without him will be hard. I so miss my dad.

Back to last night.
Once we got seated at the game we had fun. We sat with my cousin and his family. We also sat with friends from church. It was so fun seeing people I haven't seen in a few years. It was like a reunion.

The football team isn't great. The past few years they only won two games. I think the last time they won more than two games was the year our son played. But that doesn't keep the fans away. It is Friday night and it is football season. I also think people come to see the band. See the band is outstanding. They are a competing band have been in first place on the North East Coast most years. Last year they were first on the whole east coast.

When I got home I had to had my soda, Coke in a paper cup. I'm sure one of my kids will laugh when they read this. They thought I was odd. It is something that started when I was in my high school band. We were always give a Coke in a paper cup after each game by the parents.

So now it is college football Saturday. We watch a lot of football in our house. Tonight we will watch Liberty on TV. That is the college our son's goes to. He doesn't play football at college but we will still watch and cheer them on.

Then sure as sure we will watch pro football all day Sunday.

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Sharon Brumfield said...

Sometimes the memories just hit you at unexpected times.We were looking at some pictures on my computer and all of a sudden one came up of Paw Paw and it hit me so fresh.
But the memories are good....they remind me that he is not really gone..not for long anyway.
Keith loves football and I love fall. So it would be fun to go to a game....not sure what they have going on around here.We will have to see when Keith gets back.
I do hope that you are enjoying your Sunday.