Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Today my baby turned 21.

Happy Birthday Amanda!

Amanda is the our third and youngest child. She is a joy of a child. She learned to sleep on the go as when she was born our son was in AM preschool and her sister was in PM Kindergarten.

Amanda is passion about many things. She cares about others but don't get her mad. She will shut you down quickly. Amanda loves to spin (color guard). I was just told yesterday Amanda has an eye for perfection and it is true. She is a perfectionist herself.

We are very blessed she is a child you never had to tell to clean her room. I don't think she has had even one day of her life with a messy room.

Amanda did very well in high school and took some honor courses. She is doing exceptionally well in college making the Dean's list every year.
Amanda loves children and has enjoyed being a part of many families she has baby sat for. Amanda loves her nephew too.

We are very proud of her and Love her deeply.


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Sharon Brumfield said...

Happy Birthday to your girl!
It is good to see them grow up confident and healthy....