Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

That is what I did today. I labored. I did a lot of cleaning of my house. I did laundry. I made a cooked meal.

Ok it wasn't all just work. I went out to breakfast with hubby. He was telling me we should have a picnic since we don't get invited to any. Then he tosses in may the grandson will come visit. Sometimes I think hubby misses that little guy more than I do. We will have to see about a picnic one day.

I am also reading today. I read a few chapters in a Debbie McComber book a friend gave me. I never read any of her books. I like it.

Yes I am also keeping a watch on the news and the storm in the gulf. I have an aunt, uncle and some cousins that live there.

Tonight I will spend time doing a devotion. I will spend time with God asking for directions for some decisions we need to make.

Tomorrow will bring a big change in our lives. It will confirm that I am getting old. My baby will be turning 21 years old tomorrow. I do a special post dedicated to her tomorrow.

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