Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful God turns our tears into joy. That may seem odd but yesterday was a roller coaster of ride for me.

If you read my blog yesterday I had a great morning with my Mom and Aunt. When I came home the man was here to clean our furnace. I don't think I mentioned yet the Lord answered my prayer for a job. I will be baby sitting just 3 days a week. Yes, I would like to to do it a more to make more money but God will provide. Now that I had a little income I thought I better get our furnace clean it has been a few years. It worked fine but a good clean would help it run more efficiently.

It all started out well but something went terribly wrong. One thing broke after another. Then they could no longer get the oil to go from the tank to the furnace and was talking about tearing wholes in two of the walls to run a new line. I went upstairs and just cried. We didn't have the kind of money this was going to cost. They wanted payment today too. We don't have credit cards either. I collected myself and started praying. I emailed a friend and she prayed.

When it came time for the bill it was 1/2 the cost we thought it would be. He said we were not getting charge for labor. Today I found out their labor is $100 a hour. They were here 5 hours!
I was so happy for the new bill. It was still more than we planned but I was so happy.

So why did I let the tears come? I really don't know other than it is human nature. Once I gave it over to God, He gave me joy in a bad situation. We will make it though this mess too. I will find more corners to cut in our finances. God will work it all to His glory.

I am thankful He turns tears to joy.

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Well, Bless your heart!! I would be crying too! I just hate it when stuff breaks down!!whoa! It can get hard! Praise God He works it out!

Praise God He worked it out for you all!!!

On my calendar on my side bar I have written from the old hymn "All I have needed, His hand has provided"! I think it is from the old hymn, "Great IS Thy Faithfullness!! Love and hugs Grams