Wednesday, August 20, 2008

All In A Day

I took my Mom and Aunt Shopping. We went about an hour away to this huge Farmer's Market. It is more than just produce there are vendors with all kinds of things for. Mom wanted to go to get her peaches for canning. Dad and her would go every August.

One of the things I learned, I know a few of my friends will say "AH-HA I get it now." When ever my dad would to a market or a place with lots of vendor if he saw a table with socks he would buy a pack. Now a place like this had four table so he would come home with 4 packs of socks. Now a select few of my friends are saying AH-HA.

We went to check out toys. We have a baby in the family to buy for this Christmas. Mom couldn't decide which between two toys so she bought them both. Mom is just so happy to have a baby around again. She keeps asking me when will them come visit again.

My Aunt is not good when it comes to technology. She is so funny. She turned this toy on and played with it for awhile then had no idea how to turn it off. She only remembered it was one of the animals heads. She walked a way and left it play about 5 minutes later it was still playing so we walked back as I picked it up it turned off. Still no idea what animal is the power button.

I used our GPS to find the place. It worked real well till we were coming home. It fell off the window and hit My Aunt and turned itself off.

What did I learn. No matter where I take my Mom & Aunt there is bond to be problems. Someone always does something to make us laugh.

We ended out day at the diner for a late lunch.

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Sounds like a fun day with your Mom and Aunt!! Blessings, Grams