Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Game Time

Tag Game I saw this once before and then again today. It looked fun and I could use some fun so I did. I would like to encourage you if you didn't do this yet try it. The me know if you do.

The rules are simple, Google your first name with the word needs behind it (or after your name). List the first 10 results.

Sandi needs....a break from Hollywood. Yes there is lots of drama in my life right now.
Sandi needs.... a blog. Ok I thought I had one.
Sandi needs.... a new name. Yeah I do feel like going into hiding or just not being "mom" for a few days.
Sandi needs.... a pony ride. That will take a lot courage. It is one of my fears big horses. I was once trapped by a horse against a wall. Long funny story.
Sandi needs.... ME. Well I need God to get though my day so He is the ME in my life.
Sandi needs.... plastic bags. Yes I do. I use about 5 a day and you don't really want to know what for. Just know I have a house full of pets.
Sandi needs...to be voided. I don't want to be emptied. I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
Sandi needs.... to be smacked. I can only guess who would like to smack me. They just need to know I love them no matter what.
Sandi needs.... three times as much paint. Well yes I do we want to paint the garage one day.
Sandi needs..... every prayer imaginable right now. Well I do need prayer. Our women's ministry team needs prayer. We are under spiritual attack as our retreat is drawing closer.

What a great need to end on. Please every one be praying for our women who are under spiritual attack. We have a retreat coming real soon and we, our speakers, worship team and tech gal. Need to have God's protection around them over the next few weeks.

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Sharon Brumfield said...

That was fun.
I don't know about the smack...but the rest were cute.
I will be praying for the women involved with the retreat. If the attack is on it means that there is some great stuff on the horizon.