Friday, August 22, 2008

Family Friday

It has been a few weeks since I did a Family Friday update. So today I will take the time to share what is going on in the whole family.

Our son has gone back to college. His school started classes this week. It is a biblical college and they start earlier than most. I miss having him around but am so happy he enjoys school.

Amanda has an odd summer. She spent most of it in her room watching TV or on the computer. She would go out once or twice a week. However she is more herself now. She is going out almost every night. Her college starts Monday.

John has been busy. Work keeps him going. Softball season was lots of fun. The team finsihed 3rd. We went camping last week end and he had a great time.

I found a part time job baby sitting a few days a week. My arm is still not healed and this started back in May. I go to the orthopedic dr. today. We will see what is next.

Ryan is getting so very big. He is 6 1/2 months now. His personality is coming out. What a joy to have him in our lives.

Nikki, Steve and Ryan went to Vermont last week end to visit friends and will be heading to the shore shortly.

Mom is so busy. She tends to her garden. She will bake. She goes to bingo. She loves going shopping with her sister. They may not need anything but they will go shopping. Most of the time I go along as the driver. My aunt doesn't drive and Mom doesn't like to drive.

As for the pets, all are doing well. Milo will be neutered and declawed tomorrow. We didn't declaw Fred and Wil but Milo keeps attacking the funiture.

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Hi Sandi,
I got to meet Glo from (Young at Heart) She is a real sweetheart!! This was so much fun meeting a bloggy friend!!
Sounds like all of you have been really busy! I know you will miss the kido's while they are away at school. I know I did!!!! Love and hugs, Grams