Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Transforming Fear

Today at bible school we did this fun experiment that taught how God transforms our fears. The bible story gal told the story of Jesus walking on water and how when Peter took his eyes off of Jesus he became fearful and started to sink. So in my lab we pretended the water in one cup was our fears. The kids yelled real loud as I poured the water into another cup. Then I turn the cup upside down over their heads and no water came out. You see I had expando powder inside the cup. This is the stuff used in diapers to absorb water. It turns into a clear gel. I then dumped the gel out. We talked about giving our fears to God and letting him absorb them. He will transform us from fear to being brave. We then talked about ways God uses peopel to encourage us as a way to take away our fears. The kids loved this one the best so far.

A few adults got to talking afterwards. Why is so easy to encourage kids when they are fearful but when an adult has fears we say, "we will pray for you or just pray about it." I even had person say to me I just need to move past it or get over it. I feel like when an adult has a fear, if the person you are talking to doesn't have the same feelings they think your making a bigger deal out of it. Why can we as adults encourage each other. I know not all adults are like this but I see to find the ones who are.

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That was a wonderful experiment you did with the kids at Bible School!
I need to let the Lord absorb all of my cares! Love and hugs Grams