Monday, July 28, 2008

Bible School

As you know I am doing Bible School at the Salvation Army. We had a great day. There were about 40 kids who are served my the Salvation Army. The kids were quite today but I know from past experience that as the week goes on the behavior challenges will mound.

I would like to ask all my blogger friends for prayer. I also found today from a work who is a church member that they have had several shootings outside the Salvation Army building in the past. It is in one of the bad part of town with lots of gang activity. This sure makes me nervous. I would like to ask everyone to be praying God provides a hedge of protection our the building, staff, helpers and children.

This is something very exciting. I had two volunteer helpers in my group. They were two of the young guys (age 15) who came up from WV. Remember back in June when I was blogging about our mission trip to WV. These are two of the boys who we got to know. They made arrangements to come and spend the week with our church. It was so great for them to come and serve us.

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SharonB said...

Sandi I will be praying that God's protection will surround all of you and that His light may shine brighter than all else!