Sunday, July 27, 2008

Heart Attitude

Today's post is from Power Lab VBS. I found this paragraph and it really gave me some thinking. Here it is:

Why is it so hard to maintain a thankful spirit? In the United States, we even have a holiday just to remind us to be thankful! We prod our kids, "what do you say to Grandma for the nice gift?" Most of us have plenty, live in relative safety, and have more than enough to thank God for ...every day. Yet it's easier for us to com plain about what we don't have than to pour out thanks for what we do have.

Wow that is so true. I can just think of the kids saying "we have nothing in the house to eat." I've heard this right after shopping. Do they stop to think how much we have in the house to eat compared to the some children who are lucky if they get one meal a day. It is hard to maintain that thankful spirit when you are around people who complain a lot. What about being thankful you have that job even though it isn't good pay and you have a hard draining day. There are many people in the world who just want a job. What about sitting at a traffic light. You are running a little late and you seem to hit every light. Are you thankful you have a car and didn't have to start out even earlier to walk that 12 mile drive?

Why don't we have constance thankful spirit? It's a heart attitude. I think life would be so much more joyful if you start your day with a thankful heart. Then at night list 10 thankful things special about your day and give God the glory.


Sharon Brumfield said...

I once heard someone say that for every negative thing you say you ought to have to say three positive things.
You are is amazing how we can so easily forget to be thankful.
It should rise freely from our heart..sad but usually it does not.
May God's Spirit change our way of thinking. said...

A Thankful Heart can do wonders for us!!!
We were able to go down to the Ozarks on Saturday. We went to the HA HA Tonka State Park!! Nancy is feeling better and doing better and we could go on a day trip!! Kelly took photo's of this and I have them posted on my blog on a new post! Come on over and see them when you get time!! We were so HOT! But we had a good time anyway!!!
Love and hugs Grams