Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am Thankful for our pets. Both my pets and my mom's pets. They can be a great comfort and stress release. Mom enjoys Jack and Jill as she has someone to talk to during the day. I think with out Jack and Jill she would be lonely all day but the cats love her. Jack will cry/meow when she leaves the house. I just a like small child who crys when their mommy leaves. Jack and Jill will be one year old next month.



Then you have lovely mixture of furry friends. Kaci and Milo will always greet you at the door when you come home or sit with you at night while you watch TV. Fred and Wilma love to race though the house tackle each other and wressle on the floor. You can count on them for a good head but too. Milo is now 4 months old and loves to chase a ball around the house. Fred and Wilma/Wil (we thought he was a girl so named him Wilma but learned she was a he so we call him Wil for short) are now 2 1/2years old. Then there is our Kaci girl. She will be Five years old next week.





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