Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Book Cover

Something has been playing on my mind for awhile now. I'm not a good judge of character. My close friends know this about me. This is the reason I don't make friends easily. If someone wants to be my friend I will be there friend. Then more times than I care to count I've been used and hurt. Why is this? Why are others good a judging character?

This got me to thinking. How we judge people. We may say we are not judgemental or prejustice but we are. What is your first thought when you see someone all dressed in black with tattoos and body piercing? I know a great christian gal who dresses this way for the last 8 years. What about the teen who dyed there hair purple? Would you offer them a job? That teen could be the best young employee your business hires. I know some who are. What about the person who smells of smoke? Do you avoid them? Could it be they just live with someone who is a heavy smoker? What about the couple that seem to be arguing all the time? They may have a better marriage then you?

What hurts me is when I hear parents say no to taking their kids to another kids home or party because they heard or think they know something about the parents. They don't want their kids hanging around them. Those are the kids that may need the friends the most and what did the kids do anyway to be treated that way.

I've come to the conclusion my poor judgement is no different than the rest of the world. We all look at the cover of the book first.

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