Monday, July 21, 2008


Some of us were talking the other day about our security item. See my kids all had security item (or lovies as one called it.) Our son had a Kerby bear, Nikki had a grab animal pig and Amanda had a $2.00 security bunny from fisher price. This bunny now sales for $149 on ebay. I had a sock monkey when I was little. I don't know what ever happen to it. Once in awhile I say I'm going to ask someone to make me another one but never do.

Let's get back to the reason I'm posting. What is my security now. It is Christ. He is my All in All. I need nothing else. But do I truly carry him around with me? I would like to say yes but I can't say yes all times.

Recently our daughter was told she needed dental surgery. They told her she could come to appointments with her Ipod if that would help. She thought nothing of asking if she could bring her bunny. (yes she is 20 and still has him). She feels safe when holding her bunny.

This got me to thinking. I don't like the dentist but would I bring my bible along to hold to feel the comfort? I would most likely say no I wouldn't. Why is that. Why would I not feel comfortable carrying my bible to the dentist office or to have blood work done (don't like that either)?

Here is another thought if my security is in Christ why do I not introduce him to everyone. Let say my sister is visiting and my friend Donna stops by. I would introduce the two. But now let's look at this way. If Christ is always with me, by my side I should be introducing him to my friends. But I find it easier to skip over that.

I guess I need some help here.

I am thankful you are my security. You are my friend who is always near to me. I ask you to help me be bold for you. To introduce you to my friends and hold on to my bible in pubic when I need you most and not hid.

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Hi Sandi, Good post today! Why is it so easy to share about Jesus to some people and not to others??? Good point!
Thanks for all your prayers for Nancy and me. We go in the morning for lab work. Hoping her blood count is normal.
Love and hugs, Grams