Friday, July 18, 2008

Family Friday

I can't believe this. I just looked and this is post 308. I sure have a lot to say. I hope you all enjoy what I write. When I first started blogging it was going to be just God thoughts. Well then with my father's illness and later passing it became an easy way to keep family and friends informed. So for this reason I created Family Friday. So here is today's up date.

I'll start with Amanda, pray she gets motivated to look for a job. She has not had a job since April and just doesn't seem to be searching. She will be going back to school in August but she commutes. She will need something to pay her gas.

Our son is getting wise. He has a job but he rides hubby's bike to and from work every day. This saves on gas. His laptop is in the shop right now I sure hope it doesn't cost to much.

Hubby has to work on Sunday this week. It has been two years since that has happen. We are praying he finishes early and can still make it for the 3rd service at church.

I've been busy. I feel like I'm never home. I had Doctor appointments this week. I started therapy for my arm too. I go three times a week. I find reading at night best to beat the heat. I spent both Wednesday and this morning with my Mom and Aunt. I cleaned my house Monday but today it looks like pigs moved in.

Nikki, Steve and Ryan are doing good. Ryan is growing so fast. I need to get a visit in so I can get some new pictures of him.

Well that is what my life has been like this week.

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BP said...

Hello! I just found your blog tonight and stopped by. God bless you.