Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Something happened yesterday and it is still bothering me about how I responded.

My morning went like this. I scheduled a FedEx pick up and the truck came early in the morning. My doorbell rang. I looked out the door (the screen was open) I said "Oh it is you." I picked the box up from the chair next to the door and handed it to the man. The man's response was "Gee thanks, that greeting didn't sound welcoming. I hope you have a better day."

Now I thought that was rude of him. My day is going good. Then last night my day took a turn as I got some disappointing news. This made me think of the FedEx man's comment. That is when it hit me. He thought I was in a bad mood because of my rude greeting to him! I felt so bad. I should never answer the door that way. He could have been an angel coming to give me a message. God does use all kinds of people to share his word. The more I dwelt on this the more I wish I could tell the man how sorry I am. From now on I will answer the door with joy and greet whoever with a smile from God.

So this got me to thinking. How often do I respond to people like this. Just a hi and move on to what I was doing or where I was going. Would it really hurt to say "Good day, this is yet another beautiful day the Lord created."

I call upon you to help me greet each person though my day as if you are standing right next to me. For I know you are right beside me daily and I want to act that way. Lord fill me with your kindness when greeting friends, strangers and foes.


Linda said...

Hi Sandi,
Thank you for your prayers and all your sweet comments.
I know just how you feel. There are times I wish desperately that I could call back my words. I think you've given us real wisdom in this post.

Sharon Brumfield said...

Maybe He was an angel and God was using him to teach you a little something. :)
I guess we never know where someone is or what is going on in their life.
Thinking beyond ourselves is so important.
I have a friend who answers the phone like someone died or she was angry that she had to answer the phone.
I know she does this and I have talked to her about it....she does it the same...it still makes me feel uncomfortable when I call.
I will think about this.
I want to make others feel encouraged when they speak to me.
Thanks for posting this.
I pray your guy comes back and you can give him a proper good-day!

SharonB said...

WOW Sandi, this is a really good post. We so often give a quick hello and continue on without even thinking about it. Our light should always shine...even in a hello!