Sunday, July 13, 2008

Family Update

I know I missed a few days blogging and Family and Friends have been emailing to make sure we are all alright. So here is the up date.

Mom had yard sale Friday and Saturday so that meant a few days of prep work. It paid off too. She did very well and my brother and I got to spend two whole days together and had fun. We don't spend much time together at all. He has two daughters, one in college and one just graduated college. He has a step daughter who is a single mom raising to young girls. His life is busy.

I went to the orthopedic doctor for my arm. He is starting me with physical therapy. Not only is it tennis elbow the x-rays shows small tears in the tendon. So that is one reason I have not been typing much on the computer. The brace goes down to my hand and gets in the way typing (I"m not wearing it right now. Hubby is sleeping so he won't know till he reads this. But I think he realizes I do take it off more than I am suppose to.)
I found out Monday night I won't have a job this fall. So I am praying about what God will bring my way. I know God wants me working with children. He told me that clearly. I am hoping to find something part time with children. If I go full time it will be child care in my home again.
The awesome part is I'm not stressing about it this time. I totally trust God to provide. That does not mean I'm not looking, I am, but this job will be God's job for me.

Hubby is working a lot right now. On his day off he even worked on a friends car, besides doing mowing here and at moms. The softball team enters play offs this coming week so we are excited.

Our Son and Amanda don't have much to report about. There summer is going well.

Nikki, Steve and Ryan are doing well. No I didn't get to see them last week end. I was so sad. They bought a Van now. Nikki is getting ready to be the football mom. (ok her sister says soccer mom). Ryan however is just sitting on his own now so sports will be a few years yet.

Our new kitten is a trouble maker. He attacks feet in the middle of the night if you make the smallest of moves. I've been woken a few times because he bits my toes. I am concerned with one of the other cats, Fred. He seems to have lost his voice. He doesn't have much sound when he meows now. What is that about?

As for our Dog Kaci, she is loving the swims in the creek once again this summer.

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