Friday, July 4, 2008

Family Friday

It's been awhile since I did a Family Friday.

John, our son and I had gone the WV mission trip and lots of fun along with seeing God's work being done.

John is back to work this week. Their contract is up for a vote so there is a possibility he may end up on strike by the end of the month. Praying that doesn't happen but if it does God will take care of us. Softball is coming to the end of the season. Play-offs will be starting.

I am enjoying having my summer off. I am trying to learn PowerPoint for the women's retreat this fall. I wish I could find someone who could come spend an afternoon and show me how it works. Tomorrow we have a family graduation party to attend. I'm looking forward to that.

Our son is trying to keep busy work. This week end he is camping with friends. I enjoy having him home for the summer even if it is more work for me. I never met a guy who could make so much laundry.

Amanda never did find a summer job. She may be doing some pet sitting for a friend. She is having dental problems and is seeing a specialist. She went on Tuesday and really like them. They know how to treat her with care.

Nikki, Steve and Ryan are doing good. I might get to see them Sunday. I sure hope I do. I haven't seen my grandson in over a month. I sure miss the little guy.

Mom keeps busy. Next week I will help her get ready for yard sale next week end. She has emptied her attic. She had some baby pictures of me and my brothers. Didn't see any of my little sister. Mom said they just didn't take as many by the time she came along. Mom also found Dad's Korean war scrapbook. It is an attic full of memories.

1 comment: said...

Nancy has had her insulin shot,
and had lunch. I have a few minutes to write a note.
The rest of the gang are up at a friend of my daughter Carrie. They went swimming! Too much sun for Nancy! Lupus patients are not suppose to be in much sun! Besides it is Hot and humid! Glad you had a great Fourth!
Sounds like you have had a busy summer! I hope you got to see your little grand son today. How fun is that!!
Love, Grams