Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for God's strength and love. It is so much greater than any of ours that we can't even imagine how great it really is.

As a parent would you say take my child's life so this murder can have life for ever? Would you say, go my son and die a death for the guy who is a rapist and abuses young children? I can"t even begin to understand that kind of love and strength.

I complained when God wanted me to give up watching something on TV. I say I am not strong enough to completely let go of something I know is not right.

I have a friend who wants to give up smoking because it is damaging his body, God's temple. He just can't do it. Yet God can give up a Son!

Yes you can say but God knew His son would be with him in Heaven but don't you think the pain and sorrow was still there.

I need to thank God daily for what He did so I could be His child and have eternity with Him.

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Linda said...

Have a blessed and happy Fourth of July weekend Sandi!